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Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Search Visible Websites is a premiere Internet Marketing SEO/SEM company with professional analysts and expert search marketing engineers. Achieving visibility in the search engines is what we do best. Understanding what increased rankings and traffic can do for your site is our number one goal. Learn from the SEO experts, ask questions whenever you need to, we make our search engine optimization services available to you when you do business!!
Search Visible Websites is your place for one-stop site management. We have a solution for every issue that comes up with your website and the Internet. Not only do we provide SEO services for your website but offer Internet & search marketing services through our SEM programs focused on your site's products or services. We offer:
SEO Services, Consulting & Training
Social Media Experts
Reputation Management
Content Writers
Web Design & Development
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SEO Services, Consulting & Training

The mainstay for Search Visible Websites is with a focus on helping business with Search Engine Optimization. With SEO as only one part to the whole effectiveness of a website's presence, it is at the forefront of doing well and doing it knowledgeably for the Internet and online search world. We are here as both SEO consultants and trainers. We offer group and individual business training, offering short 2 hour sessions to multi-day seminars. Ask us about your training needs. We want you to understand what your business needs to succeed online. We are here to help in multi-facetted ways!

Social Media Experts

Online social media is currently in the limelight for today's website optimization needs. Our team understands the importance of effective social media management and its daily requirements for business both small and large. If your business does nothing else, at least own your name in the social channels. We recommend beginning with a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account. We are here to help you set these online social channels up, keep them going, and make them most effective they can be for you and your website.

Reputation Management

Your business and personal reputation can have a huge effect on your website, its traffic and rankings. Don't let others control who and what you are online. An understanding that reputation is not only a part of branding but also about your online presence and the different ways in which you and your site can be found online. Our Internet and online search experts are here to make sure your online reputation is #1 and stays that way no matter the situation.

Content Writers

With skilled and professional writers, Search Visible Websites offers not only good, but effective content for web pages, blogs, and press releases. Not just any writer can be effective for online search and link building. Combining our writers with the analysts, we are able to put SEO and marketing techniques together with your content to make it most effective for rankings and traffic.

Web Design & Development

The extended team at Search Visible Websites offers services for website management. This includes website design and development needs that you might have for updating and maintaining your website. Combining a strong and knowledgeable IT team behind SEO and SEM efforts will make your website unstoppable for your goals of increased rankings and traffic.
Search Visible Websites Blog
Check out Search Visible Websites blog for updates, news and information around the world of online search.

Quick Internet and Website Definitions and Terminology
  • SERPS: Search Engine Results Pages. The area we want to have you seen in as #1.
  • Conversion: The income associated with having a great web site. We want to see the word "increased" by everyone's "conversion"!
  • Indexes: The area where the search engines keep track of website pages for us to see.
  • Keywords: The words that we use, and a lot of other people, to find the online information.
  • Links: The "click here" areas that we never make "click here"! For those who want to get to our site often referred to as backlinks. And, not to forget the links within our own site.
  • PPC: Pay-per-Click - paid for placement and advertising area of the SERPS
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization - optimizing of your site for the search engines.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing - online advertising, online press releases, blogs, call-to-action items.
  • Blog: Originally referred to as "weblog" used as an online personal journal function. Ours focuses as an SEO blog of information.
Every website has the potential to improve!


The Story of the Search Engine

The search engine became most popular when the general public first began looking for information on the Internet, primarily in search of websites. As the Internet grew, so did the number of websites. It became increasingly difficult to really find what we were looking for, to find relevant sites. The main players that constitute today's search engines are Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. They each have developed algorithms (mathematical forms of calculating and relating things) that help us actually retrieve good information, or results, that we ask for when we are searching for website information. Understanding these algorithms and what the search engines expect to see as relevant data is what helps us to do such a great job! "Relevancy" has come a long way in the search world. We know this and we know the "tricks", while there is nothing tricky about what we do, to improve your overall website's rankings.

Let us bring your website to new levels . . .

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