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Maybe it’s not a daily routine!

October 5th, 2007

I know that I said day-to-day routines would be documented here but it seems that my day sometimes just gets too busy to write about SEO goings on rather than just doing the SEO work!

Anyway, since we last chatted, I had to try to get a client to understand that, even though his site had a great amount of content, we still needed to spend time on making that content “valuable”. What I mean by that is that he never seemed to actually say what his site was really there for. There were lots of words on pages but he used more analogous wording than actual “real world” terms to understand and describe his business.

You know, I still love the example I use often to help others understand the use of certain terms and the lack of terms used in association for clarification. – Did that sentence make sense??? – The example is “IT”. Problem is that “IT” is also “it” which can be considered a stop-word for the search engine spiders when reading website content. – I know IT is not making sense yet but IT will.

So, if I add some clarification terms like “computer” or even “professional” then we have “computer IT” or “IT professional”. Now it makes sense! I still strongly recommend actually spelling it out, IT is Information Technology. Say it in your web pages if you use IT. Your readers really won’t mind that you’ve spelled IT out and the search engine spiders will like that you know what you are talking about and your pages will benefit more, especially when you see them with better ranked listings in the indexes and/or with more keywords that your site starts coming up for. IT is a good thing!

… Oh, so much more to talk about but work has got to be done. Remind me to tell you about another issue with website ranking improvements but no real conversion increases. I got to put on my marketing cap for that one! Ok – au revoir for now!

The first day of SEO… NOT!!!

October 1st, 2007

So… it has been suggested, more times than I can remember, that I should create a blog… an SEO (search engine optimization for those who don’t know) blog. I kept trying to decide the best way to do this. What could I write to interest those out there that might actually read this blog??! So (and I say “so” a lot – sorry!), I decided that a day-to-day goings on in my world of SEO might actually be interesting. I can let fellow SEO analysts see what I do for the various clients I deal with and inspire them to do great things for their own clients. And, this can help those that have no clue what search engine optimization is and maybe get a little working knowledge and “free” help for making their own websites more visible in the SERPS.

So… here goes…