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2010 New Years Eve Celebrations Around the World

December 31st, 2009

2010 New Years Eve CelebrationsWe are always fascinated by the many New Year celebrations worldwide. Ringing in the New Year gives us insight to other cultures yet shows that we all do have some common ground.

Search Visible, Inc. wishes all of our clients, friends and family around the world a safe and prosperous New Year in 2010.

Some fun websites to help you ring in the New Year:

YouTube’s highlight videos for year 2009:
YouTube New Years Channel

UStream.TV suggests the following:
Times Square, New York, US
Funchal Harbor, Island of Madeira, Portugal
Junkanoo Festival, Nassau, Bahamas

The BBC News gives us video highlights for:
New Year’s Celebrations

The New York Times suggests some Good-Luck recipes:
Cooking Up Luck for the New Year

If you can see the sky tonight from where you are, know that there is/will be a Blue Moon tonight to help us see clearly into 2010!

The first to ring in the 2010 New Year were those in Auckland, New Zealand:
Fireworks from Auckland’s Sky Tower

Set your clocks for a New Year’s Eve to remember – we hope to see you all soon!

Projections for Online Search in 2010

December 19th, 2009

2010 Online Search Projections

  • Setup on on-site blog. If you have one already then make sure it is effectively being used to support internal website pages.
  • Use real-time channels for branding, website updates & keyword support. At least understand how real-time information is being used in Search.
  • Some of the better real-time areas to participate in are: Facebook, Twitter, online Press Releases, Blogs and other dated online forms of information.
  • Pay attention to local options, internal and external to your website, especially if you can and should be found locally.
  • Consider a mobile website: sites sized to show on phone browsers.
  • Don’t neglect your on-site SEO. Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization are still important and the continuing basis for the major search engines.

Getting Personal – Information on Google’s Personalized Search

December 5th, 2009

Several have asked for an explanation on the recent news that Google has enabled “Personalized Search for Everyone”. Truly, this is not anything to panic about, nor is it really new news! Search marketing and SEO work for those like me in the ‘biz’ should continue as usual!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

In an attempt to enjoy my weekend and not feel the need to paraphrase what has already been very well written on the topic of Google and Personalization, I have assembled a list of links below showing you some really good information – and the timelines – describing how Personalization works. Thank Danny Sullivan from Search Engine World for such nice descriptive articles – along with a few GoogleBlog write-ups on their various announcements on the topic.

Google’s announcements on Personalization:

- Jun 28, 2005
Search Gets Personal

- Feb 02, 2007
Personally Speaking

- Sep 24, 2007
Search Privacy and Personalized Search

- Dec 04, 2009
Personalized Search for Everyone

Danny Sullivan’s insights to the Google Personalization directives:

- Jun 28, 2005
Google Relaunches Personal search – This Time, It Really Is Personal

- Feb 2, 2007
Google Ramps Up Personalized Search

- Apr 19, 2007
Google Search History Expands, Becomes Web History

- Jul 30, 2008
Google Now Notifies of “Search Customization” & Gives Searchers Control

- Nov 5, 2009
Google Dashboard Offers New Privacy Controls

- Dec 4, 2009
Google Now Personalizes Everyone’s Search Results

If you didn’t have time to read all of the above, the Google Personalization feature is mainly controlled by the installation and use of various Google products. The main ones that are in control are the following:

Web History –
Google Toolbar –

And, if you are freaked out or just don’t like these features, Google has provided tools to disable and/or turn off personalization:

Note: There are many more articles on the topic from where these came from. We picked these as they give a nice overview on the topic. Hope it all helps explain!

Google Product Extensions – Not Just For The “PlusBox” Anymore!

December 3rd, 2009

As of November 24, 2009, Google gave us “Product Extensions” as a way to highlight our AdWords ads with images of our products. Several of our clients have asked about this feature, so we’ve decided to show you some examples of Google’s Product Extensions feature in action. The different screen shots below show varied industries, through search terms, and how these product images can really highlight and draw the eye to a product in search, paid or organic:

Google Adwords Product Extensions - bean bag chairs

There are different ways in which you can control your images and information and the ways Google does as well. Google makes visual changes to it’s search results pages all the time.

Google Adwords Product Extensions - personalized pens

And the comparison shopping feature for very competitive industries like “ink jet cartridges” below:

Google Adwords Product Extensions - ink jet cartridges

Below’s screen shot image shows the “plusbox” feature expanded under the ad. Not quite sure I like that advertisers selection of images, or lack thereof, to display for this particular query, but…you gotta start somewhere.

Google Adwords Product Extensions - dog beds

If you aren’t sure about how it works know that you’ll need both your AdWords account and a Merchant account to help you out with product extensions enabled campaigns. Here’s some info from Google:

And, you can always ask us for more info, you know where to find us – we are Search Visible! We’ll help you get it set up!